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Automatic feeders are machines used to line up documents and/or to deposit them in a specific location, for example on production lines. The principle of an automatic friction feeder (also called destacker) is to separate a stack of products and then to distribute them one by one or by batch at a specific location. There are different types of automatic feeder: friction feeder, suction feeder, pick&place that are suited for different types of application.

Facem develops and manufactures an entire range of automatic feeders for unstacking, aligning your documents and feeding your production lines. Our feeders are capable of handling a wide range of products, including sheets, envelopes, objects, cards, etc.

FACEM’s expertise allows us to select the type of automatic feeder adapted to your production constraints (friction feeder, suction feeder, high pile, pick & place… etc) and we offer you the best possible solution.

For standard products, we offer our range of friction feeders MF series: MF250, MF300, MF400, MF450 and MF500 for dimensions up to 500 mm wide. We also produce custom automatic feeders (special feeders for long products, feeders for extra large products for example). We also design specific systems for special products (friction feeders with raised extension, feeders with integrated folder, feeders with large capacity feeder, etc.).

FACEM operates in all areas, for example printing, mailing, pharmaceutical laboratories, food industry, etc. Wherever products must be unstacked, aligned and conveyed. Our products allow productivity gains, reductions in operating costs and greater flexibility for your production.

Our products are designed with standard components for an easy and flexible integration on your production lines. Our engineering design department can also easily transform a standard automatic feeder into tailor-made equipment perfectly suited to your production lines.

The construction of our machines is neat and robust thanks to the use of materials such as brushed stainless steel or anodized aluminum. It is possible to add a various range of options, for example:

  • Control of doubles
  • Extension
  • Low battery detection
  • Support