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Facem develops solutions for the processing of mail and sealed folds with our range of folder sealers. The machines can work with a continuous, or sheet by sheet supply for small and large volumes of production.

With a tremendous amount of experience in this field, both with pressure sealed forms and with folder sealers, Facem offers you the best suited materials for your production. Our machines are particularly suitable for PIN codes, bank cards, tickets, checks, utility bills etc.

The continuous sealer C9500 breaker is specialised in the industrial treatment of your folds at very high speed in single, double and even triple layering. The 6R450 sealer is designed for the treatment of sealed folds (confidential documents for example). They are installed in line with a folder.

We provide solutions for three types of production:

  • Manuals, with a bonding / control / monitoring kit,
  • Small volumes or uniform mail,
  • Large volumes, multi formats or multi thickness.

Applications: automatic processing of large volumes of single sheet sealed folds. For example: invoices, PIN code, confidential documents, envelopes, sealed envelopes.

Sectors: official and government agencies, military, government departments, mail processing centers, banking processing centers, social security, insurance.

Contact us for any information and price request via our contact page. We also provide spare parts such as breakers, folders (2 or 4 pockets), conveyors etc.

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