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Industrial marking system sets. FACEM develops solutions to unstack and transport your products for marking applications and precision printing.

From printing expiration dates on your products to large format precision printing, FACEM integrates any type of printer on our destacker and conveyor sets.

Thanks to our various types of conveyors (suction, rectifying, belt), inkjet and thermal transfer printers and industrial labeling machines can be easily paired to your equipment.

Our conveyors are standard or customised to meet your needs. They allow you to transport both simple and complex products (sheets, envelopes, leaflets, cards, boxes). Our marking sets then adapt perfectly to your production environment. The marking sets can also be coupled to our feeders in order to build a complete line.

FACEM systems are ideal for printing and applying labels. Our expertise allows us to offer you the best suited and most economical solution to support you in your process of automating your production lines.

Contact us us for any information request and price request.

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