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Facem is a manufacturer of sets incorporating printer and automatic labelers for industrial labeling systems.

We develop solutions for unstacking and conveying simple and complex products on your production lines. We can then include any type of printer and/or automatic labeler to create the labeling applications meeting your automation needs. Our solutions are both standard and customised.

Our systems allow for high precision of printing and placement of labels. We can set up either automatic or semi-automatic labelers. The labels can be on a roll or directly connected to your printer. This application is perfectly suited for applying barcodes, batch numbers or consumption/expiration dates on your products. We can also apply any type of adhesive that is cut at the necessary measurements and positioned precisely.

Labels and adhesives can be placed on simple products such as cardboard, boxes, magazines etc. They can also be placed on complex products (sachets, flexible plastics etc).
Our machines are equipped with error detection systems to ensure the reliability of your production.

Our systems are suitable for various industrial sectors: mail printing, pharmaceutical companies, food industries, music etc.

Our systems will enable you to:

  • Unstack your products and transport them.
  • Automatically deposit labels or adhesives on different supports..
  • Synchronise the machines of your process: the labelers are connected to the feeders and conveyors to ensure the complete synchronisation of your production.

All our systems have the capacity to perform in intensive and industrial environments. They can also be used for small to medium volumes of production, thanks to our range of standard machines.

Facem products are adaptive, robust and easy to use. Our labelling sets are durable and will be able to assist you with your specific needs. Contact us for more information on our prices.

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