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Discover Facem’s range for standard or custom folders and sealers.

A folder sealer is a machine used in printing industries to fold papers automatically and to seal them. They are used to create any type of document (envelopes, notices, invoices etc).

Facem makes autonomous folder sealers and connected folder sealers to incorporate to your existing lines. We are also able to provide parts on your existing equipment (consult us for any request).

FACEM folder sealers will answer your automation needs and allow you to:

  • Process your documents: folding, gluing, sealing for all types of paper, envelope, for self-sealing registered letters (pressure glue), for registered notice etc.
  • Trace, control and validate your production line.
  • Synchronise the different machines in your processes.

We offer a whole range of automatic folders, 4 or 6 roller sealing stations, friction or suction folders, inserting folders as well as sealer breakers.

Our mail processing systems allow for easy, fast and secure mailing production. We can offer various types of arrangements such as high stack feeders and output conveyors. Used both “on-line” or “off-line” with your laser printer, our folder-sealers allow you to process your production volumes at high speed. FACEM models’ successes are proven in an industrial environment and provide simple, robust, economical and quick solutions to support you.


Automatic processing of large volumes of single-sheet sealed papers: invoices, due dates, convocations, wages, check letters, tickets, bank statements, point statements, confidential information, PIN code, registered letters. Fields: mailing, routing, official and governmental organizations, militaries, ministries, mail processing centers, banking processing center, social security, insurance, etc.

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