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Depose BL FACEM DB300

FACEM develops solutions for the automatic deposit of single or multi sheets and delivery notes on the products on your production line.

The DB300 is connected directly to your printer. It allows the re-batching of the edited sheets. The lots can be made up of delivery notes, preparation notes, marketing information or any other document. An integrity control device is incorporated into the machine. This device ensures that the sheets placed in the package match perfectly to what is expected.

  • Dimensions 1900 x 700 mm (L x l)
  • Poids Weight 300Kg without the printer
  • Alimentation électrique Electrical supply 220V single phase
  • Vitesse d\'exécution / Production à l\'heure Speed 

    Capacity of 60 pages per minute as input

  • Dimension des produits acceptés Dimension of products accepted 

    Minimum A5, maximum B4

  • Maintenance : OUIYES
  • Travail à façon Custom work NONNO
  • Location Renting NONNO