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Discover our full range of conveyors: belt conveyor, cleated conveyor, rectifying conveyor, suction conveyor.

A conveyor is a mechanism designed to transport products on a predetermined path on production lines. There are different types of conveyors to fit different types of products and applications (papers, boxes, powder etc).

Facem develops standard conveyors and tailor-made conveyors. We design and manufacture conveyors suitable for handling all types of products. We also build all the necessary interfaces and accessories (extensions, rectifiers, controls) to ensure the complete supply line.

We develop different types of conveyor:

  • Cleated conveyor
  • Belt conveyor
  • Suction conveyor
  • Conveyor rectifier
  • Collector conveyor

Our conveyors are available in standard dimensions of 2m or are custom made for your application. With our expertise, we can offer you the best suited and most economical solution to support you in the process of automating your production lines.

We particularly intervene for the supply of marking line, deposit of labels and for special lines. Our conveyors can be equipped with interfaces with both upstream and downstream machines:

  • On/Off
  • Servo control
  • Variable speeds
  • Feeder connections with fault recovery

Our conveyors will respond to your automation issues and allow you to:

  • Transport all types of documents and all types of formats: objects, envelopes, magazines, food products, sheets, plastic bags, cartons, folders, cards, notices, books, covers, cases, etc.
  • Synchronize the different machines in your processes: the precision of our rectifying and/or cleat conveyors will allow you to align the products transported.
  • Marking or labeling your products: thanks to our various suction conveyors, inkjet, thermal transfer printers and labeling machines can be easily installed and optimally processed.

Belt conveyors are designed on demand. They allow you to transport all types of standard products on your production lines. Our motorised conveyors are available in stainless steel or standard versions.

We also provide spare parts for conveyors such as: conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, industrial conveyor belts, conveyor belts, gear packs, belt lift belts, conveyor chains, conveyor rollers, conveyor bridges etc.

FACEM Belt conveyor

These conveyors are designed on request. They exist in all stainless steel or standard version.

Suction conveyor

Holds product for full width printing or label removal

Conveyor rectifier

Allows products to be perfectly aligned for precision marking or removal

Cleats conveyor

Allows pushing and aligning products of complex shapes. Available in fixed or retractable cleats