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We design and develop specific lines corresponding with your needs.
FACEM offers you its expertise for your requirements with a need for a tailor-made study. Our expertise in unstacking, conveying and labeling applications allows us to select the type of solution best suited to your production. We also offer solutions for product traceability, processing of registered items or automatic packaging.

We design and manufacture the conveyor line adapted to your documents and your application (cleates conveyor, rectifying conveyor, suction conveyor, suction table, etc.). We build all the necessary interfaces and accessories (extensions, rectifiers, controls) to accommodate for the complete supply line.

We intervene in particular, for the supply of marking lines, automatically applying labels and specific requests. We can customise all our conveyors to your specifications.

Our products will answer your automation problems and allow you to:

Increase your productivity by choosing the number of automatic friction feeders,
Target your customers and make yourself known,
Synchronise your production.

Contact us via our contact page for any queries.

Recommended treatment

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Pairing set

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Adhesive removal and cutting kit