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FACEM develops solutions to automatically apply any type of document (leaflets, single or multi-sheets papers) on the products of your production lines.
The products entered can be delivery slips, preparation slips, marketing information, general or targeted advertising. We provide our feeders, conveyors and our DB300 for this type application.
Our systems can be used in multiple fields; for example, they can operate in printing, mailing, in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our machines lead to productivity gains and reductions in operating costs.

Our systems allow you to:
  • Unstack your products and transport them. The precision of our rectifier conveyor or cleat conveyors will allow you to align the products for transportation. For example, they ensure products are perfectly aligned for precision marking or removal.
  • Deposit delivery notes, leaflets. Our machines can be adapted to all types of documents and objects: envelopes, magazines, food products, sheets, plastic bags, cupboards, leaflets, books, covers, cases, flyers, etc…
  • Target your customers with personalised marketing information. We file any type of personalised information.
  • Synchronise all the machines on your production line.
  • Create lots. We ensure perfect correspondence and industrial traceability for logistics platforms and production lines.

Our feeders and conveyors are entirely adaptable to your industrial environment. FACEM provides suction feeders with large capacity feeding station, feeders with support, high pile feeders etc. We connect them with our motorised conveyors (belt conveyors, suction conveyors, cleated conveyors) to transport your large or small products.

In addition, we can configure a large number of feeders in use. This allows you to meet your specific needs and thus allow you to design the ideal line for your environment.

Finally, our machines are equipped with integrity control systems. These systems ensure that the documents dispatched match perfectly with your high standards of production. For the grouping of lots, several code readers allow the restructuring of the lots and the compatibility with the receiving element.

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