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traçabilité produits Solution pour traçabilité FACEM

The traceability of a product is an important industrial challenge. For quality and safety purpose, it is often required to guarantee industrial traceability at all times, especially for the pharmaceutical, food and banking industries.

Facem develops and manufactures solutions to ensure perfect traceability of your products. We work with high quality devices. Our range of conveyors with measuring devices will be installed to fit perfectly your production lines.

FACEM systems allow you to:

  • Feed your databases: our systems give real-time information regarding your production process and they feed your databases for production management. The types of information that can be acquired are: lots and serial numbers, quantities, arrival times and date, manufacturer etc.  Our machines can be autonomous or linked to your computer system.
  • Automatically control the quality of your products: different readers and detection cells are positioned on our systems to guarantee the reliability and precision of your production.
  • Validate the production or any other traceability action: our systems make it possible to constitute and verify the implementation of batches or any other traceability action.

Our systems are designed for logistic traceability and industrial traceability.

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