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Facem is specialised in the automation of production lines including paper processes.

Facem is a manufacturer of feeders, conveyors and folder sealers. We provide solutions for unstacking and transporting products, labeling, printing, packing and tracking your production. Our solutions are both standard and tailor-made to ensure full compliance with your industrial environment.


We are based in Corné, in the heart of the Anjou region in France. We provide our services both nationally and internationally. With more than 20 years of experience, we guarantee excellent knowledge of all different solutions and a high quality of service. Having originated from a passion for industrial processes, we bring the same curiosity and enthusiasm to cater for your needs.

350 m2 to build your projects

Machines installed
in more than 10 countries

20 years of experience

More than 500 machines designed and produced

More than 400 clients

Facem is specialised in the design and manufacturing of systems with automatic friction feeders, conveyors to automatically feed your production line. All our products are developed and built in our workshop in France.
We work with a number of important local partners and suppliers. We market our products both nationally and internationally and work with all types of industries: pharmaceutical companies, banks, mail companies, printing companies etc. We are also able to offer a service to upgrade your existing equipment.

Our strenghts


  • Increase of productivity,
  • Increase of your production volumes at low costs,
  • Automation of repetitive tasks,
  • Reduction of risks for your employees,
  • Working with the latest technologies.

Complete production control

Our complementary team allows us to master all the necessary aspects for the realisation of your projects, guaranteeing reliability and quality of the work installed.

Control of all stages

Facem intervenes at each stage of your project. Our team will take care of:

  • validation of the specifications,
  • study of your project,
  • realisation,
  • tests,
  • l’installation du matériel,
  • training of your employees,
  • maintenance.

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