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Engineering design & Manufacturing Manufacturer of friction feeders, conveyors and folder-sealers.

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Facem is a manufacturer of automatic friction feeders, conveyors and folder sealers. We are located in France and we provide our services both nationally and internationally. Our machines are present in more than 10 countries, spread across the globe. With more than 20 years of experience, we guarantee excellent knowledge of all different solutions available to you and offer a high quality service. We provide these solutions for unstacking and transporting products, labeling, printing, packing and tracking your production. We are here to develop the perfect solution for your automation needs.

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Unstacking and labelling

We offer solutions to create the labeling applications meeting your automation needs. They are specifically designed for the printing of expiration dates, barcodes, batch numbers.
We include any type of printer and/or automatic labeler to our range of automatic feeders and conveyors to create your complete line.

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Mail processing and pressure seal forms

With 20 years of experience, we are able to offer a wide range of folder sealers. Our solutions will allow you to process mails and sealed folds: PIN codes, bank cards, checks etc. Our machines are robust and suitable for large volumes of production.

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traçabilité produits

Manufacturing traceability

Discover our solutions to insure the complete traceability of your production line and feed your database with real-time information like: lots, serial numbers, quantities, manufacturer etc.

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