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Rupteur Plieur Scelleur FACEM C9500

FACEM offers its continuous sealer folding machine C9500 for the industrial processing of your folds at very high speed. Our breakers folding sealers are suitable for single, double, even triple poses. Our sealer breakers allow automatic processing of large volumes of single-sheet sealed folds. They are ideal for documents such as invoices, notices of due dates, convocations, wages, check letters, fines, bank statements, point statements, confidential information, PIN code, recommended on secure documents.

  • Dimensions 1040x3200x1380mm
  • Poids Weight 600 Kg
  • Alimentation électrique Electrical supply 200-240V CA/50-60Hz 0.6KW.
  • Vitesse d\'exécution / Production à l\'heure Speed 

    Production per hour: 18000 x 12” or 36000 in double apply.

  • Dimension des produits acceptés Dimension of products accepted 

    maxi: 457 x 457 mm (18’’ x 18’’

    Paper weight: 80 -200 g/m2

  • Maintenance : OUIYES
  • Travail à façon Custom work NONNO
  • Location Renting NONNO