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Plieur Scelleur FACEM C2500

FACEM offers its MS2500 sheet-to-sheet sealer for industrial processing of your folds at high speed. We offer our sealers for sizes from 11 to 14 inches.

The MS2500 Folder Sealer is a proven model in an industrial environment. It is a simple, economical and fast solution to support you during your production.

FACEM sealers allow for automatic processing of large volumes of single-sheet sealed folds. For example, folder sealers are suitable for documents such as invoices, notices of due dates, convocations, wages, check letters, tickets, bank statements.

  • Vitesse d\'exécution / Production à l\'heure Speed 

    Production per hour: 9000 folds per hour depending on the type of folds

  • Dimension des produits acceptés Dimension of products accepted 

    Maximum: 250 x 14 mm (18”x18”)

    Paper weight: 80 – 200 g/m2

  • Maintenance : OUIYES
  • Travail à façon Custom work OUIYES
  • Location Renting OUIYES