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Plieur Scelleur 6R450 FACEM

The FACEM 6R450 SEALING STATION allows the sealing of confidential documents. It is installed in line with a folder.

The sealing station allows the automatic processing (medium volumes) of single-sheet sealed folds. This is suitable for documents such as invoices, notices of due dates, convocations, tickets, bank statements, point statements, confidential information, PIN code, recommended on secure documents.

  • Dimensions 358 x 700 x 335 mm excluding stang and output conveyor
  • Poids Weight 220 Kg
  • Alimentation électrique Electrical supply 220V Single phase /50-60Hz + earth 450 W - 10 A
  • Vitesse d\'exécution / Production à l\'heure Speed 

    12000 à 25000 folds per hour depending on the type of fold

  • Dimension des produits acceptés Dimension of products accepted 

    80 -170 g/m2

  • Maintenance : OUIYES
  • Travail à façon Custom work NONNO
  • Location Renting NONNO