Pressure sealer

Industrial Pressure sealer for pressure seal forms


Facem develops and builds up folder sealers models matching the different production request : processing continuous feeding forms or sheet to sheet forms, matching low volume to high volume.

With long term experience and expertise in the paper forms and pressure glue processing, we are able to give you the solution matching your production requirements.

We can also supply you with separate modules: bursters, folders (2-4 Fold plates), sealing station, outfeed conveyors.

Burster forlder sealer for the processing of pressure seal forms, continuous forms, 1 up, 2 up or even 3 up.

Industrial production speed  40000/h in 2 up



Rupteur plieur scelleur pour traitement des plis scellés en continu - image indisponible

Burster folder sealer for industrial pressure seal forms processing -continuous feeding

Pressure sealer module

Sealing module 6R or 4R






FACEM develops and produces pressure sealing modules (6 rollers/cylinders or 4 rollers/cylinders)  to be installed on line with any folder.

Proposed with stand adjusted to the folder paper exit or without stand in OEM to be integrated in any OEM line. Easy and immediate integration.



Pressure sealing station to be installed in line with any folder

SOFRAPLI ACSON folder and pressure sealer spare parts 

FACEM supplies spare parts for the SOFRAPLI and ACSON folder and pressure sealer range.

  • Spare parts for the SOFRAPLI ACSON Folder models 35SE, 350SE, 385AB, 505 AB series
  • Spare parts for the SOFRAPLI ACSON folder sealer models F9, F120, F30, F3000 series
  • Spare parts for the SOFRAPLI ACSON pressure sealer C95, CR30, C9500 series


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