Feeding solutions


Facem offers complete solutions to automate the feeding of your production lines, whatever the application : printing industry, mailing industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, music, card industrie, packaging industry etc... Any application where you need to feed products and bring them automatically in a production line.

Thanks to our longterm know how and expertise, we are able to propose you the solution matching your production and budget requirements.
Find out our standard range of friction feeder: T80 - MF250 - MF300 - MF400 - MF450 - MF500 wich allow to feed from 20mm to 500mm.

We develop solutions including all type of feeder (friction feeder, succion-type feeder, high pile feeder, pick&place feeder) and conveyors (finger type, belt type, succion table etc...° and we develop and build up the usefull interfaces.

Margeur Facem modèle MF300 avec extension relevée pour dépilage standardMargeur Facem modèle MF500 vue de dessusMargeur Facem modèle MF500 Grands formatsMargeur Facem modèle MF300

          Margeur Facem modèle MF300 avec extension spéciale

             Margeur MF450 35°                         

Streamfeeder upgrade  

Facem upgrades and retrofits existing feeders from the field (Streamfeeder models for example), in order to make them compatible with new production requirements :

- Retrofit model Streamfeeder V710BC with double control

- Upgrade Streamfeeder V710IJ to V710DM Model

- Upgrade Streamfeeder V710DM to V710BC

Margeur existant modifié          margeur

MF450 back

Friction Feeder FACEM MF450
Friction feeder FACEM MF250



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